This Business Is Protected

By South Jersey Energy

Unfortunately, there are some energy providers out there looking to take advantage with hidden cost “deals” and bait-switch scams. Too bad for them: SJE is looking out for commercial and industrial businesses.

Your Energy Advocate

When you partner with SJE, you get more than just the best industrial and commercial energy services. You get a dedicated Energy Advocate, committed to protecting your energy interests.

Meet The Energy Advocates

Energy Shield Assurance

The Energy Advocates at SJE help you avoid deceptive deals and hidden costs by giving you the unbiased knowledge and side-by-side comparisons you need to make the best energy decisions for your business.

Protect Your Energy Interests

Energy Spike Protection

Whether caused by seasonal industry shifts or extreme weather conditions, energy spikes can drain your business. SJE helps you level out your annual energy loads and costs, allowing you to better manage your budget.

Say Goodbye To Energy Spikes

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