Learn About South Jersey Energy And How We Serve You

The Region’s Premier Industrial And Commercial Energy Provider

Your business is a busy place. Whether it’s a commercial or industrial facility, you probably don’t give too much thought to the energy that’s powering your facility – until that utility bill shows up.

South Jersey Energy relieves you from any surprises appearing on your energy bill by providing the commercial and industrial energy solutions that flatten out your expected expenses. We protect you from future scams and schemes of competing energy suppliers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

As your business partner and Energy Advisor, South Jersey Energy provides innovative, environmentally friendly industrial and commercial energy services that help our customers control energy costs.

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See What Sets South Jersey Energy Apart

Custom-Fit Solutions

Learn how to benefit from industrial or commercial energy solutions personalized around your company’s specific needs and budget.

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Our Companies

See how your business benefits from the diverse portfolio of companies and energy partners owned by South Jersey Energy Solutions.

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Discover Our Utilities And Specialized Energy Services

Energy Assessments

Increase energy savings with programs such as Direct Install and Pay for Performance when you undergo an energy assessment.

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With your custom-fit electricity solution, you’re able to lower your utility bill payment.

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For an environmental and energy-saving upgrade, look to South Jersey Energy as your green lighting retrofit provider.

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Energy Shield Assurance

Receive comparisons of competing energy offers and guidance on what to ask energy suppliers in New Jersey and other Mid-Atlantic/Northeast states so you can avoid scams.

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Spike Protection Program

Keep your energy costs under control so your budget remains steady throughout the year.

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Helpful Resources

Explore energy tips and advice with these valuable resources, including our blog, case studies and email archive.

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