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Are Solar Energy Systems A Cost-Effective Energy Management Solution?

Posted by Dave Granitzki on May 28, 2015

solar_energy_managementSo many signs are pointing towards energy alternatives as a sound solution to commercial energy management. As a commercial building owner, it is likely you’ve considered solar energy as a way to reduce your energy usage and save money.

However, it’s not uncommon to feel daunted by the lofty upfront costs associated with implementing a solar energy system.

The costs of a solar power system, such as those related to installation, are enough to turn commercial building owners off from making the switch. But, if you stick with traditional utility methods, you are going to pay more in the long run – when price spikes occur, or from lack of efficiency and ongoing maintenance issues.

How cost-effective is an investment in solar energy systems?

Solar Energy Systems Reduce Your Operating Costs

A joint report conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, several California state agencies and Capital E group used national data from 100 green buildings and concluded that sustainable green buildings lower operations and maintenance costs between $50-$70 per square foot.

The savings from sustainability approximate almost 10 times the additional costs associated with green buildings. Eventually, these savings in operating costs add up to pay for your investment in energy alternatives like solar power systems.

Solar Energy Systems Naturally Flatten Spikes In Utility Rates

Whether it’s a steep spike or a steady rise in energy prices, the next decade promises even higher utility rates due to dwindling resources, high consumption and an aging energy infrastructure.

With a solar power system in place, you avoid a volatile energy market by producing your own cheap electricity. Fluctuating utility rates become a thing of the past, and you’re able to categorize your power bill as a fixed expense. When your utility bill is a fixed cost, you gain predictability, which aids in accurate budgeting and planning for the future of your commercial business.

Solar Energy Systems Require Low Maintenance And Retain Reliability

Most reputable solar energy system manufacturers offer a full warranty for solar panels for up to 25 years. Solar panels require almost no maintenance – they are built to withstand outdoor elements. This means there isn’t a recurring cost associated with the initial investment in a solar energy system.

With the right solar power system, you are investing in over two decades’ worth of clean electricity that’s cheaper and more reliable than standard electricity.

If you are still on the fence from a cost perspective, the government is also incentivizing commercial businesses to make the switch to sustainable energy with substantial tax credits, grants and rebates. Taking advantage of renewable energy programs created by federal and state governments could mean a 30-40% savings on your investment of a solar energy system.

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