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On Smart Energy Management For Commercial And Industrial Businesses

When your company implements smart energy management principles, your business thrives – in both reducing energy costs and in your bottom line.

Discover how to achieve this level of industrial or commercial energy efficiency by reading through the case studies and business success stories below. In each case study, you learn how a previous SJE client improved its commercial energy management strategy or overall industrial energy efficiency.

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Cape May Regional Medical Center

SJE developed and installed energy-efficient equipment for the pre-existing Cape May Regional Medical Center. The main aspect of the project was a lighting upgrade with the purpose of reducing energy costs while taking advantage of a utility rebate. The return on investment was short (less than two years) on this project and significant savings on maintenance were realized.

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Mt. Airy Casino Resort

This project entailed the construction of a new 1000 kva UPS system and required a twenty-ton split air conditioner placed in the valet garage-level electrical room. Included in the project were the UPS gear, automatic temperature control, AC unit and installation, coring, crane & rigging, high-voltage electrical, engineering with sealed drawings, a pre-action fire system, housekeeping pads, permit fees, project management, sheet metal, supervision, trash removal, start test and balance and warrantee service for one year.

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Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

This project consisted of three separate solar arrays. The first installation was 322 kW of a roof-mounted photovoltaic system atop Stockton’s sports facility, “Big Blue.” The second and third installations were both parking lot canopied arrays of 383 kW and 468 kW, for a total capacity of 1.17 MW installed. At this capacity, the entire project will create over 1.4 million kilowatt-hours annually for the college.

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J&J Snack Foods Corp

SJE implemented a turnkey installation to replace and retrofit the lighting in the Bellmawr baking plant for better overall industrial energy management. Test installations were conducted prior to full installation to determine best lighting quality and color lamp for their growing production needs. The result was the conversion of existing lighting to energy-efficient, long-life T8 lamps with electronic ballasts. The project design also included installation of additional fixtures to obtain optimum lighting in the facility.

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