It is always easy to deal with SJE. Their service is excellent and we are very happy and grateful to have an account with them.

—Greg Hart, Manager

Case Study

Bar Anticipation


Bar Anticipation (Bar A) is one of the country’s top party destinations located in Lake Como, NJ. They offer various private events and live entertainment. Like most businesses, Bar A was looking to cut their energy costs where they could but weren’t necessarily sure how to do so. This business was also initially hesitant about using a third-party natural gas and electric supplier due to hearing others’ poor experiences.


In order to show that not all suppliers will lead to a negative experience, one of SJE’s Energy Advisors, Kelly, met with Bar A. After reviewing their monthly energy usage and past bills, Kelly explained to Bar A why SJE would be a great fit for them. Also, after Kelly informed Bar A that SJE has been in business since deregulation began in the region, it seemed like a no-brainer that they would let SJE handle their energy needs. They had no doubt that SJE’s extensive experience and knowledge would help their business succeed.


As a result, Bar A has saved about $8,000 over the past two years of their relationship with SJE. This relationship is expected to continue and grow over the long term. This is due to SJE’s constant support and advice, which has helped keep Bar A’s business experience easy, while saving energy and money in the process.