SJE offered Conshohocken Brewing Company a terrific energy plan with top notch service. My brewery saves money and gets an excellent provider. That’s a win!

—Glen Macnow

Case Study

Conshohocken Brewing Company


Conshohocken Brewing Company, owned by WIP’s Glen Macnow is a prominent brewery located just steps away from the Schuylkill River. As a business owner, Glen is extremely busy and doesn’t always have the time or industry knowledge to worry about his utility bills. Like most, while wanting to maximize his dollars and save energy, Glen was in the monotonous routine of paying more than desired each month when he received his natural gas and electricity bills.


After meeting with Seamus, one of SJE’s Energy Advisors, SJE was able to develop an energy solution specific to Conshohocken Brewing Company’s needs and lower monthly energy costs. SJE now supplies Conshohocken Brewing Company with natural gas and electric for a lower price, while enabling the business to become more eco-friendly.


After signing with SJE for both natural gas and electric services, Glen was able to cut his utility bill costs significantly at Conshohocken Brewing Company. He now has time to tend to other business matters and has the peace of mind knowing that his energy needs are being managed effectively by a trusted partner.