"It is a good feeling not having to worry about what your energy bills will be each month. Thanks to SJE, we are better able to manage our budget and know that we have an energy resource we can trust in Jim."

Case Study

South Street Souvlaki


South Street Souvlaki is an award-winning Greek & Mediterranean restaurant located on historic South Street in Philadelphia, PA. Having been in business for more than 40 years, owner, Tom Vasiliades, like any other smart business owner, was interested in better understanding his energy usage and cutting costs where possible.


Jim Hooven, one of SJE’s Energy Advisors, met with Tom from South Street Souvlaki and analyzed their energy usage and monthly costs. Based on market conditions, Jim saw an opportunity where SJE could save South Street Souvlaki money each month on their natural gas bill by putting them on a fixed rate. Jim also took the time to go over any energy-related questions that Tom had about his bill and natural gas supply, to make sure Tom felt confident that SJE was the right partner for him


SJE has been serving South Street Souvlaki’s natural gas supply since August of 2017. South Street Souvlaki now feels assured that their natural gas needs are being handled as efficiently as possible and they know what their costs will be each month. Both Jim and SJE look forward to continuing this relationship with South Street Souvlaki for many years to come.