Reduce Costs With Expert Energy Services For Your Business

Your Source For Industrial And Commercial Energy Management

The best solutions for industrial and commercial energy management involve working with building owners and users to increase asset values, lower ownership costs and promote environmental stewardship. In fact, these types of energy services are exactly what South Jersey Energy offers your business.

You need to make informed and intelligent decisions about implementing energy efficiency measures that meet your capital investment return criteria, along with your energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. We serve as your energy advisors along that journey.

Our industrial and commercial energy services help you implement fiscally responsible and sustainable energy efficiency measures that reduce energy costs. As an added benefit, you also lower carbon emissions and receive guidance as you navigate through any federal or state programs or rebates.

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Optimize Your Industrial And Commercial Energy Management

As you design your energy plan, you’re not limited to a rigid program of standard solutions. Work with an Energy Advisor to choose one or more of the following energy services that best suit your budget and energy goals:


Join the green revolution and reduce electricity usage with these green lighting solutions and retrofits for your commercial or industrial facility.

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Energy Assessments

Achieve your energy efficiency goals by scheduling a walk-through energy assessment that identifies specific energy- and cost-saving measures for your business.

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Energy Shield Assurance

Avoid unscrupulous industrial or commercial energy providers with Energy Shield Assurance from South Jersey Energy. With Energy Shield Assurance, you’re empowered to make the best energy decisions.

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Spike Protection Program

Save your business from costly spikes in energy prices with the Spike Protection Program designed to flatten out your energy load and alert you before energy costs get out of hand.

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