See How Energy Spike Management Saves You Money

Protect Your Business Against Costly Spikes

With wild climate shifts and extreme weather conditions, your company’s utility bill can spike sky-high – even when your production levels and sales aren’t climbing accordingly. These out-of-control energy costs hurt your business – and they’re so unexpected that it’s difficult to predict your needed energy budget.

That’s where the Spike Protection Program from SJE comes in: This energy risk management program helps you flatten out your annual energy loads to aid you in maintaining a more predictable budget with a customized energy solution.

The tailored commercial and industrial energy solutions of the program include the following:

  • Helping you custom program your thermostat eliminates waste and protects you from costly energy spikes – all while giving you more insight into the highs and lows of your specific usage.
  • After six months, your Energy Advisor reviews your budget and adjusts the automated program accordingly.
  • You receive email alerts about extreme weather conditions so that you’re able to plan accordingly and reduce energy costs in the face of pending weather.

With the Spike Protection Program from SJE, commercial and industrial energy management are made easy and your utility bills become more predictable – meaning your fears about out-of-control energy costs are finally put to rest.

Protect My Business From Energy Spikes

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Optimize Your Industrial And Commercial Energy Management

As you design your energy plan, you’re not limited to a rigid program of standard solutions. Work with an Energy Advisor to choose one or more of the following energy services that best suit your budget and energy goals:


Join the green revolution and reduce electricity usage with these green lighting solutions and retrofits for your commercial or industrial facility.

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Energy Assessments

Achieve your energy efficiency goals by scheduling a walk-through energy assessment that identifies specific energy- and cost-saving measures for your business.

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Energy Shield Assurance

Avoid unscrupulous industrial or commercial energy providers with Energy Shield Assurance from South Jersey Energy. With Energy Shield Assurance, you’re empowered to make the best energy decisions.

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Spike Protection Program

Save your business from costly spikes in energy prices with the Spike Protection Program designed to flatten out your energy load and alert you before energy costs get out of hand.

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